Alert, Report, Track, Measure and Manage impacts to the Brain
to Ensure No Event Goes Unnoticed, Unreported or Untreated

Concussions making the News

“Head Shots: Young athletes put themselves at risk by hiding concussion symptoms to stay in the game”

National Post November 26, 2018

“Dryden: It’s high time the NHL commissioner Gary Bettman acts to prevent brain injuries in hockey”

Toronto Sun
September 19, 2019

“Soccer needs to get house in order over concussion, and it is not alone”

The Guardian
February 4,2019

“Fewer U.S. high school athletes play football amid concussion fears”

Reuters Health News
march 12, 2018

awarewear (formerly SportFitz) is the only wearable head impact identification platform for all sports that improves concussion protocols and provides a complete real-time picture of player biometrics and performance.


Multiple Sensors, Features, and Patent Pending Technology

Changing the game

Our prototype is complete, tested and ready to be commercialized

  • Patent pending head impact monitor worn comfortably behind the ear
  • Monitor, measure, track, and report head and brain movement in real-time
  • Uses Artificial Intelligence to indicate the likelihood of
    damage while recommending next steps
  • Platform stores data, including: impacts date, impact time and event severity
  • Creates a report of trauma location, collision force, and player biometrics 
  • All data is encrypted and pushed to a smart device for immediate assessment


Bean, Charger and Adhesives
(Includes real-time alert Mobile app)


Subscription per bean per year
(Cloud storage and user dashboards)


Access to Loyalty program

Executive team

Parents with a vision to see that all athletes are monitored for safety and performance

Denise Gavin

Project management, procurement, manufacturing
customer service experience

Vaughn Gavin

Software innovation real-time
communications encryption & big-data

Gareth Weale

MedTech/micro component expert, Astrophysicist and MBa

Ted Iannuzzi

Executive management,
software design,
marketing & sales expertise

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